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About Us.

To change health care in the Triangle. The future is looking bright.

Greenway Health Center was founded in 2011 by Dr. Greg Barnes and his wife, Jani. Since then, Greenway has quickly become one of the largest natural health care clinics in the Triangle and the state of North Carolina. The goal has always been the same: to help patients with cutting-edge, customized chiropractic care. We believe the body heals itself and has limitless health potential. By getting to the root cause of health conditions, we’ve been able to help tens of thousands of patients achieve dramatic improvements in their health, as well as achieve long-term health benefits.

For us, it's more than trying to pop joints and straighten spines. We are a health center dedicated to helping individuals and families live their best lives now. We want our patients to experience health in such a way that they don't constantly think about sickness or disease. We want to help our community experience health freedom. After all, health is the number one asset you have in your life.


What is Chiropractic?

Founded in 1895, chiropractic care has grown to become the largest, natural health care field in the world.  The roots of chiropractic have always involved searching for the underlying cause of the pain. If the condition can be identified, the patient has a pathway to improve and even heal completely!

Chiropractic care is focused around your spine and your nervous system.  Your nervous system is what controls every single function and process in your body.  It involves your sensory, muscle movement, organ function, immune system, mood/emotions and everything else that happens in your body.  Put simply, you live your entire life through your nervous system.  If you want to be healthy, feel great and age slowly, your nervous system is the key to making that happen!

Just like you have a normal blood pressure, pulse and body temperature, your spine has a normal alignment to it as well.  When this alignment is normal, your body will function at optimal levels.

Modern day living has wrecked havoc on our posture and puts unprecedented physical stress and trauma on our spine and joints.  We work at desks. We use computers. We are on our phones. We sit for hours. This causes micro-traumas that lead to poor posture, spinal and joint health.  If these go uncorrected or undetected it can lead to chronic and possibly permanent issues.

The doctors in our office use a myriad of cutting edge, state of the art techniques to help identify these types of problems and improve our patient’s health.

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